We have compiled a list of resources to help with the recovery from drug and alcohol and to find help with mental health needs.

  • ☎️ HOTLINES: To start the process, you can call SASH – Substance Abuse Hotline - 844.804.7500. They will help with finding substance abuse treatment.

  • 🛠 SBAT TOOL: The Service & Bed Availability Tool (SBAT) can help you find the substance recovery services you, a friend, or loved one is looking for. Find a inpatient bed or a outpatient facility in the County of Los Angeles.

  • 📖 12 STEP DIRECTORY: Find AA, CMA or Narcotics Anonymous programs, meeting directories and recovery centers.

  • 🤝 RECOVERY ASSISTANCE: Organizations that will assist with the recovery journey.

  • 🏥 WITHDRAWAL MANAGEMENT: Treatment for severe withdrawal symptoms in a hospital setting.

  • 💊REHAB - NON PROFIT - STATE - COUNTY FUNDED: Recovery centers that are scholarship based, take Medi-Cal, funded by nonprofits or county and state.

  • 🛌 REHAB - FOR PROFIT - INSURANCE REQUIRED: Facilities that require HMO, PPO insurance plans or cash payments.

  • 🌉RECOVERY BRIDGE HOUSING: Bridge (Temporary) Recovery Housing provided in a sober environment for individuals with unsafe living conditions and receiving concurrent substance use treatment.

  • 🏠 SOBER LIVING: Transitional Housing, a interim environment between rehab and self-sufficient living.

  • 😔 MENTAL HEALTH: Help with mental health issues and co-occurring disorders for a successful addiction recovery. If you need immediate assistance or need to find services in your area, please call the ACCESS Center 24/7 Helpline at 1.800.854.7771




This resource list will help with obtaining emergency transitional housing, resources and social services .

  • 🏪 SHELTERS AND HOUSING: Emergency, Transitional and Bridge Housing.

  • 🏙 SKID ROW HOUSING: Homeless services in the Downtown Los Angeles area.

  • 🚌 SAFE PARKING: Parking lots where it is safe and legal to sleep overnight.

  • 🚿 SHOWERS: Find a free, public or mobile shower location.

  • 🍛 FOOD PANTRY: Free food resources throughout the county.

  • 🏳️‍🌈 LGBTQ: Resources for the Gay, Lesbian, Bi, Trans and Queer Community.

  • 👵🏽 SENIOR: Organizations that focus on servicing senior citizens.

  • 👨🏻‍✈️ VETERAN: Services for military vets.

  • 🤱🏾 FAMILY AND YOUTH: Mother, Children and Youth services.

  • 🌆 COMMUNITY CENTERS: Services that are focused on a specific demographic.

  • 🏢 MISC. SERVICES: DMV, EDD, Social Security, DPSS and other services.




Here are the resources to help you help others.

  • 📋 CAMPAIGN: We are creating a dialogue to address these issues, providing a directory of services, and a starting point for those looking to help others. This directory does not exist in this form anywhere, it is L.A. County localized and there is a focus on these co-occurring disorders that are a root of homelessness. The directory is simple to use so it can help people quickly find the services that they need. Every minute of every hour is valuable when people are in need and ready to receive services. There is a built-in letter writing and social media campaign so voters can advocate the L.A. County Supervisors, L.A. City Council and Mayor to increase funding for Addiction, Mental Heath, Homeless Housing services and provide more recovery Recovery Bridge Housing and Board-And-Care Homes.

  • ✍🏻 WRITE TO ELECTED OFFICIALS: Tell your local, county and state representatives that there needs to be more funding for addiction, mental health and homeless services.

  • 📰 IN THE NEWS: News articles that cover topics related to Homelessness, Mental Health and Addiction.

  • 📊 STATISTICS: Data to understand the big picture.

  • 📙 GLOSSARY: Here are the vocabulary blocks to discuss addiction, mental health and homelessness, so you can join the conversation and or ask for your the services that you need.

  • 🌉 WHAT IS RECOVERY BRIDGE HOUSING: Recovery Bridge Housing (RBH) is defined as a type of abstinence-based, peer supported housing that combines a subsidy for recovery residences with concurrent treatment.

  • 🏘 WHAT ARE BOARD-AND-CARE-HOMES: These provide food, laundry and medication help and often serve as a safety net for people with serious mental illness who can’t live independently.

  • 👁 LA-HOP: Did you see someone experiencing homelessness who needs help? Help them by filling out an outreach request.

  • 💜 MAKE A KIT: Make a care kit to give to someone in need.

  • 💪🏽 VOLUNTEER: Here is a list of organizations that need manpower, if you would like to donate your time.

  • 💵 DONATE: Organizations to donate money, clothing and food.

  • 👩🏻‍🏫 MENTOR: Mentoring programs are a sponsor type program for the homeless community. If we all mentored one person that is homeless then we can create a significant effect. Mentors are people who will navigate the system and take a homeless individual through the process towards housing.

  • 🧠 HELPING PLACES WORK GROUP: The Facebook group where Helping Places volunteers collaborate.

  • 👥 HELPING PLACES CONTRIBUTORS: Individuals who are shaping Helping Places and are being of service to their communities.

  • 📫 CONTACT: Need Help? Would like to help? Have a suggestion? Please reach out.